The problem


PGS is a recognized international insurance agency with more than 30 years in the market, its website received an average of 700 visits per month but they were not managing to convert those "leads", their conversion was 0.2%, a fairly low number compared to the average conversion rate in Latin America ranging from 1% to 4%.


Additionally, the PGS website was in Wordpress, which made it vulnerable to any failure of this platform or any of its plugins.

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Our proposal


Design a new sales funnel, optimize the user journey to achieve conversions and develop a new CMS (Content Management System) to eliminate Wordpress. We created a completely renovated site, for this we proposed an intuitive, minimalist and modern style, we changed the color palette, the texts and the images.

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We created a landing page per product with independent SEO to obtain more accurate metrics by tracking all clicks with Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager and we integrated the new sales funnel with calls to action that allow filtering and obtaining real potential customers.


All this was achieved thanks to the development of a new CMS that also allows them to easily edit and configure the page, in this way the proper functioning of the site no longer depends on third parties.


image 11.png



Just one week after the launch of the new site, organic visits increased by 60%, the conversion rate is projected to increase by 2.5% and the number of leads with very little interest in the product is reduced by 70% , which will undoubtedly generate a significant increase in sales for PGS Consulting Group.

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