We are a technology company with extensive experience in large-scale software development, we specialize in creating the software that your business needs from mobile and web applications to cloud platforms and artificial intelligence.


Since 2014 we have focused on delivering unique user experiences that lead our clients to boost their companies, achieving their sales and marketing objectives within the estimated time and budget.



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Beyond selling software, we seek to develop experiences that allow you to take your business to the next level






To carry out our projects without setbacks, we follow the work methodology called "The Protos method".


This methodology was created by us and we have been perfecting it throughout our history as a technology company, achieving very good results in super demanding projects with great time restrictions.

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We take the time to deeply understand your business and its needs
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We create prototypes that will make your investors and clients fall in love
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We make your projects come true thanks to our team of cracks

Tools we use

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On this platform we design and create the prototype of your product
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With this tool we manage the tasks that developers must carry out until the final product is obtained
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It is our main communication channel, it allows us to share files and keep track of all the movements of Trello

This framework is based on agile methodologies and prioritizes the design of the user experience through high-fidelity prototypes before starting the implementation phase. This significantly shortens delivery times by bridging the gap between what the customer expects and what we ultimately deliver.






We pride ourselves on our after sales service including the warranty, staff training and technical support.


Our relationship doesn't end with the delivery of the final product, we will continue to accompany you to ensure the success of the project.




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