At Protos, beyond selling software, we seek to develop experiences that mark a before and after in our clients' businesses, that's why we not only focus on delivering a quality product, but also making the experience complete and unique.


In this section you will be able to know some of our projects and the solutions that we deliver to our clients.


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Successful online voting platform


Our most successful projects have always been related to the world of elections and VotingPRO isn't the exception, the famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston had the opportunity to vote through this platform.


Insurance agency digital transformation


PGS was affected by the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, so decided to take a break and came to us as their trusted technology consultants to accelerate the path towards the digital transformation of their business.


The Social Top


Successful web platform that allows you to analyze and compare the performance of brands on social networks: Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter. It has more than 5 thousand brands and professionals who use it to enhance their marketing strategies.


Insurance web quoter


PGS consulting group works with multiple insurance companies, each with its own plans, rates, benefits and conditions, which made it difficult for them to quote the best insurance plan for each client.

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Web oriented to maximize sales


The web page of this client received an average of 700 visits per month but they were not managing to convert those “leads”. 


They now get 1,200 hits a month and convert 2-4%




Our client needed to automate a process that was done manually in his company, in this case an application for IOS and Android was the best solution. Now they can keep track of vehicle fleets, their maintenance and driver´s data in one place.


Educational management system


ADEN University came to us looking for a custom development, instead we adapted an existing tool that allowed us to go faster, lower costs and ensure that the university's internal team could maintain the system over time by themselves.

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