The problem


PGS is a renowned international insurance agency with more than 30 years in the market, which over time has had sustained exponential growth that was quickly affected by the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.


Due to these uncertain times, PGS decided to take a break and came to us as their trusted technology consultants to come up with a strategy together to help them survive the pandemic and emerge stronger from it.

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Our proposal


In consulting we thoroughly evaluate the business, its pain points and the new world reality. As a result, we set out to accelerate the company's evolution into the digital world now known as InsureTech.


To do this, we undertook the development of a personalized management platform for all the agency's key operations (ERP) in which the information of prospective clients and agents and established agents could be managed, as well as the policies of the clients in automated way and connected directly with the main insurance companies.

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Thanks to this new platform called Prospect Growth System, PGS can now manage the policies, renewals and payments of its policyholders as well as the personal data, commissions and sales of its agents, send emails, offer online training to its agents and much more ; all on one platform.




Thanks to Prospects Growth System, PGS Consulting Group is today a digital insurance agency or InsureTech that managed to reduce operational work time by 65%, which has allowed them to focus that time on the core of their business: prospecting, selling and provide excellent customer service.





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