The opportuniy

The maintenance management of the company's vehicle fleet is generally a manual process, in which spreadsheets are used to save the information of each vehicle, this client was no exception, therefore he asked us for help to automate this process and make it easier and more efficient.




Our proposal


We created “SmartFleet”, an online system designed to help manage vehicle costs and “OSH” (Occupational Safety and Hesalth) compliance in an easy and affordable way, keeping all fleet vehicle data in one place, with instant reports and automatic alerts, it is also possible to ensure that drivers regularly check vehicles with the "Walk-Around Check" application, among other features.




• Reduction of human errors by handling data in the system instead of notebooks

• Traceability of the drivers assigned to each vehicle and therefore of any damage of the vehicles

• Vehicle fleet data management in one place

• Instant maintenance cost reports allowing them to identify areas for cost savings.

• Fuel consumption reports


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