The problem


PGS is a recognized international insurance agency with more than 30 years in the market that works with multiple insurance companies, each with its own plans, rates, benefits and conditions, which made it difficult for them to quote the best insurance plan for each client. Therefore they decided to create, together with another software development company, a mobile application so that users could quote insurance plans directly. However, potential customers were unwilling to download a new app on their phones just to get an insurance quote.


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Our proposal


As part of our consulting, we suggest them eliminate the mobile application and instead develop a web quoter that could be viewed correctly from any device. This would simplify the process for the user by reducing the friction of creating a quote without having to download an app on their phone. Additionally, it would unify efforts by also providing access from any computer or tablet, where it would be much more comfortable to compare multiple plans at the same time.

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However, we face the challenge of achieving a complete and easy-to-use product since each company offers multiple insurance plans with multiple premiums, deductibles and benefits. From there was born a super powerful insurance plan quoter and comparator, fully integrated into the PGS website and the insurance companies, which also provides a very simple user experience by implementing artificial intelligence that recommends the best plans to each client, they adapt to your needs by simply filling in a few details.


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PGS reduced the time spent on custom quoting by 80%, and potential PGS clients have reacted so well to the new experience that they increased their use of the quoter by 500%.

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